Making a come back

Ok, well my computer is back up and running finally so maybe by Thanksgiving I will get some free time to do some clips.

Also Rapidshare has been deleting my files as well due to inactivity, FYI.

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Computer Crash

Due to some unfortunate circumstances my computer crashed and until I get it up and running again I will be unable to update this blog. I am planning on continuing the blog just not any time soon.

Thanks for you patience.

M.I. High s02e01

The TV Show: M.I. High
Air Date: January 07th, 2008
Episode Title: It's a Kind of Magic
Scene Synopsis: Magician's assistant uses stage show's lights to entrance audience.

Clips: 1

Bionic Woman S03e08

The TV Show: Bionic Woman
Air Date: November 12th, 1977
Episode Title: Brain Wash
Scene Synopsis: Jamie is brainwashed while having her hair shampooed at a beauty salon.

Clips: 6

The Avengers s05e14

The TV Show: The Avengers
Air Date: April 22nd, 1967
Episode Title: Something Nasty in the Nursery
Scene Synopsis: Drugged balls put people into a very suggestable state.

Clips: 1

UFO S01e12

The TV Show: UFO
Air Date: December 30th, 1970
Episode Title: The Psychobombs
Scene Synopsis: The UFO aliens have found a way to take over the minds of three humans and give them special powers, and use them to destroy several critical S.H.A.D.O. instillations. However, the third and remaining objective is the S.H.A.D.O. Headquarter itself.

 Clips: 9

Land of Giants s02e17

The TV Show: Land of Giants
Air Date: January 11th, 1970
Episode Title: Pay the Piper
Scene Synopsis: Pied piper uses flute to entice them into a trap.

Clips: 1

K9 and Friends S1e05 re-up for better quality

The TV Show: K9 and Friends
Air Date: April 10th, 2010
Episode Title: Sirens Of Ceres
Scene Synopsis: Robot girl uses mc bracelet to control a clique of girls who then in turn can control men.

Clips: 6

Todd and The Book Of Pure Evil S1e12 re-up better quality

The TV Show: Todd and the Book of Pure Evil
Air Date: December 8th,2010
Episode Title: Checkmate
Scene Synopsis: A guy uses the book of pure evil to become hypnotic and create a cult. He entrances Todd's best friends in order to use them to kill Todd and stop the end of the world.